What are the Symptoms of Herpes

People who are affected by the herpes virus may experience a tingling sensation on the areas that get infected. They may also have a burning sensation on the skin around the infected area and it will start to itch. The skin will tingle before the blisters break out. They are filled with a milky fluid and after the fluid dries, they turn into sores. The blisters will break open after some time and the fluid will ooze out to form a crust before they heal. On the first occasion, the sores may appear after a couple of days after the virus spreads and may last for up to three weeks.

Other symptoms are a presence of fever as in the case of influenza. The fever will be accompanied by muscle pain and inflammation in the glands or lymph nodes and around the neck and groins. There will be a burning sensation when you pass the urine and in some cases, and problems to pass urine normally. The outbreaks of such sores will generally develop around the mouth and the genitals. However, the sores may appear anywhere on your skin.

When a person gets affected initially by the herpes virus, he or she may not feel or see any visible symptoms. In the case of oral herpes, the blisters will break out on the lips or around your mouth. You may even find them on your tongue and near the eyes and ears. The herpes simplex virus may spread to one or both the eyes in the case of an eye infection. The eyes may become sensitive and there may be a watery discharge. It is better to take immediate treatment to avoid scarring around the eyes. In the case of genital herpes, the sores may appear on the penis, the vagina, anus, thighs and buttocks. They may appear anywhere on your skin. Some people get the sores on their back or around the hip area.

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