Is There a Cure for Herpes

As of now, there is no permanent cure for the Herpes Simplex Virus. However, there is encouraging news about a new drug that is under the process of being manufactured that can provide a permanent cure in the future.

After the initial outbreak, the sores generally fade away and heal on their own even when they are not treated. The virus can be treated by both natural remedies and medicines that can be bought over the counter. It helps in relieving the symptoms and shortening the virus outbreak cycle. Doctors usually treat this condition by prescribing anti-viral medicines. The dosage is one tablet every day and it helps clear the sores faster and also allows the infected people to engage in sex with their partner after using water-based lubricants and latex condoms.

Promising Cure in the Future

There is talk of an experimental drug that may eventually provide a cure through its treatment option for both oral and genital herpes as per a report from the researchers involved in the making of this medicine. This drug is going to be labelled “Pritelivir” and it will primarily be curbing viral shedding among people who are suffering with genital herpes. It will then eradicate the virus from the nerve path and the nerve cells where it resides in a dormant state after the initial attack on the skin of an infected person. These findings have been reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Tests have already proved successful on over one hundred and fifty patients who took the drug for a period of one month. Researchers are confident that these preliminary studies and trials may go on to establish a permanent cure for people from the herpes simplex virus. The drug is also going to be useful in preventing the virus from spreading. Dr. Whitley of Alabama University has reported that there was a drastic decrease in the viral shedding during the drug trials.

Until this drug is certified by the Center for Diseases, it can safely be assumed that there is no permanent cure, currently, for both oral and genital herpes as the virus can be triggered by various factors at a later date. The anti-viral medicines that are effective against herpes simplex virus are Famvir and Valtrex.

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