How to Tell Your Partner If You Have Herpes

What is there to hide when you have genital or oral herpes? It is wiser to inform your partner that you have contracted the herpes virus. All you need to do is to select the right time to tell him or her and put it across in such a way that it does not make you both uncomfortable. When you come out clean with it, there is a good chance that everything will work out well for both of you.

It depends on your way of thinking and your frame of mind. You cannot be completely secretive about your herpes condition. It depends on how you would like your partner to receive the news from you. Do you want to present it as some big issue or a problem in life? It is stupidity to put it across as some awful news. Be natural, casual and direct about this fact of life!

Be prepared for any kind of reaction, even a negative one. Do not expect your partner to freak out as herpes is a common condition in the world and it is not a life threatening situation. There is no need for either of you to panic.

All you have to do is to say that you have oral or genital herpes and hope that your partner is aware of this viral condition. If your partner does not have much knowledge about both HSV-1 and HSV-2, then you can help with the presentation of facts. Prepare yourself adequately and learn as much as you can about both oral and genital herpes and the impact it may have on your daily sex life and your daily activities.

Choose Your Words Wisely

When you want to tell your partner that you have oral or genital herpes, you may choose your words wisely. You do not have to fill your explanation with negative talk. Do not present it as a disease as it always leads to negative images in a person’s mind and he or she may suddenly become defensive and protective, mentally. It is not an unmanageable or a disgusting viral condition.

Wait For the Right Time and the Right Setting

In addition to picking the right words when you tell your partner about your herpes condition, you may have to wait for the right time and pick an apt setting to break the news to your partner.

You would obviously not like to call up your partner at his or her place of work to have a talk or force yourself at a wrong time with what you have to say. An ideal time would when both are in a relaxed frame of mind and there may not be any distractions around you. Breaking the news during a walk in a park or at the dining table over a peaceful dinner will be best. The worst time that you may pick to break the news may be right after a session of sex or before foreplay when you are both in the mood for sex. That would not only destroy the moment and spoil the mood but it will also go on to irritate your partner.

The topic about your viral condition can come about naturally during a conversation. It would then look like some commonplace development in your day to day life. You may simply tell about how the doctor has informed you that you have a virus that causes genital or oral herpes. You need not take a defensive stand when your partner takes the news in a bad way. Give your partner some space and time to get over it. If your partner is not at all understanding towards your situation, then it is better you do not have a partner like that, in the first place.

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