How to Cure Herpes Naturally

It is impossible today to cure Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, however, you can control the infection you get from both oral and genital types of herpes by following some natural cure therapies.

Natural remedies for herpes include supplements and herbs apart from maintaining a balanced diet. Several people have tried natural home remedies that have proven effective over a period of time.

Olive Leaf Extract

Dr. Renis did research on the therapeutic benefits that can be derived from olive leaf extract for Upjohn Company in 1969. The effective substance in the olive leaf extract is Oleuropein which helps in curbing the virus. It creates a force field to cover the infected cells and it prevents them from growing and replicating. Olive leaf extract curtails the production of amino acids that viruses thrive on and it also has the ability to penetrate the cells which are infected and shuts down viral replication. Another powerful benefit of the olive leaf extract as a natural therapy for curing herpes is its potential of boosting the immune system in the body.


Amino acid, L-Lysine, is the biggest contributor in eradicating the herpes simplex viral infection. The daily dosage that is recommended is five hundred milligrams to be taken thrice in a day to control the spreading of HSV Virus. Once the virus is under control, you have to stop using L-Lysine as over-dosage of this amino acid may slightly weaken your immune system. You may supplement the diet with lysine rich foods like eggs, chicken, fish and fruits. Lysine is also found in barley grass and wheat grass.

Vitamin C

This is effective in keeping the herpes at bay, besides giving your immune system a boost. Taking Vitamin C in supplemental form is important for this viral condition. You require a dosage of two thousand milligrams of Vitamin C every day.

Oregano Oil

This is an anti-viral solution that has been recognized for its ability to curb the herpes virus, when the test tube studies were conducted. 100% pure oregano oil is very powerful and when it is used in combination with colloidal zinc and olive leaf extract, it is regarded as a safe and natural treatment for curing herpes.


This is another great natural home remedy for herpes simplex. Elderberry has powerful antioxidant flavonoids that help in boosting the immune system. It has proven anti-viral properties to arrest the replication of the four strains of herpes simplex.

Herbs and Reishi Mushrooms

Some herbs like Astragalus, garlic and St. John’s Wort have good anti-viral properties and will contribute towards curbing this virus. Reishi mushrooms are also god as anti-viral treatment and for boosting the immune system. Topical treatments with lemon balm and tea tree oil will also be a good way to cure herpes simplex.

In addition to the natural treatment therapies as advised above, you can maintain a diet that will help curb the spread of this virus. Certain foods will not be helpful at all in the process of healing. They are chocolates, almonds and coffee. Caffeine is not at all helpful as it becomes a stumbling block in the healing process. Processed foods and refined sugar also does not help. The foods that you should concentrate on are fruits like olives and avocados, vegetables, eggs, fish, chicken and flax seeds. Know more health foods for people with herpes.

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