How Many People Have Herpes

Herpes Statistics in the World

Herpes Simplex Virus affects many people across the whole world. Five hundred and thirty six million people have the herpes virus infection in the world. A survey has indicated that almost twenty four million new cases of the virus have been reported every year since the last decade. This is as per the global estimate of prevalence and the incidence of herpes simplex virus. These estimates have been published in the World Health Organization bulletin and they have been based on the studies done all around the world last year.

Researchers at the Imperial College in London also informed that many people who suffer with Herpes Simplex Virus 2 are not even aware that they have been infected with the virus as they do not have visibly clear symptoms to go by. The prevalence of genital herpes has been reported to be higher in women than men across the world.

Herpes Statistics in the US

As per the statistical reports from Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every six persons between the ages of fifteen and forty nine is affected by genital herpes in the United States of America. Herpes infection is found to be more common among women than in men. In the case of genital herpes, the transmission from males to females is higher than from females to males. It has also been reported that almost fifty per cent of people in USA suffer with oral herpes or cold sores. Infections of genital herpes are more common among African Americans than among White Caucasians.

Herpes Statistics in the Canada

In Canada, one out of every seven persons between the ages of fifteen and forty nine gets infected with genital herpes and almost eighty per cent of these people may not even be aware of their infection.

Herpes Statistics in the UK

As per reports of annual incidence of Herpes Simplex Virus in the United Kingdom, there are thirteen new cases out of every one hundred thousand and recurrent infection is reported in eighteen cases out of every hundred thousand.

Herpes Statistics in the Australia

In Australia, one out of every eight persons is affected by genital herpes. The Australian Herpes Management Forum has reported that genital herpes is under-diagnosed because the clinicians are not able to confirm cases as a result of the symptoms being subtle. It is found to be twice more common in women than in men and is prevalent in women between the ages of thirty five and forty five. Genital herpes was also reported in Australia to be more common among those adults who live in metropolitan regions than in the rural areas.

Statistics reveal that the lowest prevalence rate of the Herpes Simplex Virus is among Western European men and it is around thirteen per cent. The highest prevalence rate is found among Sub-Saharan regions of Africa at seventy per cent.

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