How Long Do Herpes Outbreaks Last

The initial outbreak of the herpes virus is generally the strongest and it can last for a couple of weeks (usually 2-3 weeks) based on various factors.

If you keep the infected area clean and wash it occasionally with warm water without irritating the skin surface, it can be kept in check and will fade faster. It will spread to other areas quickly if you keep touching the sores and then immediately touch other areas of your skin. Oral herpes heals faster than genital herpes which is usually long-lasting, particularly in those people who have weak immune systems. The initial outbreak will last for at least a fortnight.

Duration of an Outbreak of the Herpes Virus

When a person is infected for the first time with the herpes virus, the duration of the outbreak is the strongest and painful and it will last for anywhere from three to six weeks to heal. The subsequent outbreaks of the virus will not be as severe as the first one and they will generally last for anywhere from five days to a fortnight. The frequency will be farther with every attack that recurs.

The first attack will begin with a mild tingling sensation followed by itching and inflammation. It will be painful. The symptoms will be clearly visible only after two or three days of catching the virus. There may be accompanying symptoms such as fever, headache and ache in the muscles. There may be excessive vaginal discharge among some women.

After few hours of the first symptoms, you may observe watery blisters forming on the infected skin. They will be characterized by tiny fluid lesions. The blisters may appear in and around the mouth and lips when affected by oral herpes. The blisters will appear on genitals, buttocks and around the thighs and anus when affected by genital herpes.

These blisters may burst open after a couple of days after catching the virus. You may see clear fluid which is milky in appearance oozing out of these blisters. It leaves open sores with membranes that look yellowish and will be painful when you touch them.

It will take about ten days for the ulcers to dry out completely. They will then scab over before healing. The total recovery progress will take a month. The duration of the outbreak of a herpes virus will last longer among women for factors such as menstruation cycles and other hormonal changes.

How can the Duration of an Outbreak of the Virus be Reduced?

If you apply tea tree oil soaked in a cotton roll, it will help heal the blisters at a faster rate as the oil acts as an anti-viral solution. You can do this twice a day on both the sores on the mouth and on the genitals. Once you clean the sores with warm water and apply tea tree oil on them, a hair dryer can be used at a low setting to help dry the blisters faster and reduce the period of the initial outbreak of the virus.

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