Can You Get Herpes From a Toilet Seat

Researchers and physicians have answered this question by confirming with their studies that there are nil chances of contracting Herpes Simplex Virus 2 from a toilet seat. They have reported that it is nearly impossible to get an infection from Herpes Simplex Virus 2 through any contact with toilet seats and other objects such as towels that are used by a person who is infected with this virus.

Why Will you not Get Herpes From a Toilet Seat

This is primarily because the HSV-2 Virus will not be able to survive for more than ten seconds on a surface which is non-living. Hence, there is no risk of getting the virus from a toilet seat or a hot tub for that matter.

  • The HSV-2 Virus tends to die very early when it is outside of a body and not in contact with the skin cells.
  • The infected areas such as the genitals or the mouth are not in direct contact with a toilet seat unless a person is in the habit of kissing the toilet seats.

When the virus gets exposed to the atmosphere and to the harsh air conditions outside of your body, it dies quickly and particularly in dry, hot or cold conditions. So, there is no chance of it being transmitted to another person from a toilet seat.

Many sexual health experts have confirmed that bacteria and viruses cannot survive on toilet seats for a period beyond few seconds after leaving your body. The chances of anyone getting infected by the virus through toilet seats are non-existent.

The Only Scenario You May Get Herpes From a Toilet Seat

It can only happen in a scenario when a person who has an outbreak of this viral condition on his or her butt sits on a particular toilet seat; the next person who sits on that same toilet seat has to have a cut in his or her skin at the same spot that is in contact with the toilet seat infected by the virus. This may happen in theory but chances are very slim. There have been no cases reported of people contracting HSV-2 Virus from a toilet seat.

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  1. When a MD doesn’t give you a straight answer they are either hiding the truth so the public won’t panic which means yes you can get it from a toilet set !or they don’t really no and just assume you can or the chances are slim.but ask yourself this .if a person had herpes and sat on the same toilet sit as the MD doing the assuming do you think that MD would use the same toilet ever again ? now you have your answer !enjoy your meals at fast food places and then go to the restroom to relieve yourself by squatting on the toilet.

  2. Btw it’s funny how they refer to std’s now as STI’s .you do realize it bs pc crap .you want a example?when a person has a alcohol addiction they like to tell that person that they have a disease which they do not have !that’s just a way for them to label you a sick person and that only they can cure you by draining your wallet while playing with your mind! however they refer to STD’S which are diseases as sexually transmission infection .no no no folks if you have herpes you have a disease end of story !isn’t it cute how they did the switcharoo on you without your consent .nice people huh !

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