Can You Donate Blood if You Have Herpes

Yes! You can donate blood when you suffer with herpes.

People who suffer with genital, oral herpes and Chlamydia can donate blood when they feel healthy. The people who are barred are those who suffer with gonorrhea or syphilis. They have to wait for one full year after their treatment before they can donate blood.

Directions by the American Red Cross Society

American Red Cross Society has laid out some clear guidelines on who may donate blood. If you have herpes, you can donate blood as this virus cannot be passed through a blood transfusion. Herpes cannot be present in your blood. If you have genital herpes, it will not make a difference when you donate blood. Infection can only be passed down when there is a direct skin contact, both genitally and orally. Herpes cannot be used as an excuse for deferring donation of blood if a person is in good health.

The blood receiving centers are only particular about eligibility requirements when people have some restricted infections like

  • HIV
  • HPV
  • hepatitis

They are also particular that those who have contracted HSV-1 or HSV-2 will need to confirm that they are not currently suffering from a current outbreak of the viral condition. All the lesions from recent episodes also have to be dry and clean. A person can donate blood in between the herpes outbreaks. The herpes virus will attack in cycles and there will be periods of infection that can be termed as active, this period will last anywhere from ten to twenty one days and it will be subsequently followed by a phase which is dormant. Patients who are infected with this virus will generally experience outbreaks of sores over their courses of treatment.

Blood can Still be Donated Even When the Virus is Contagious

Though herpes can be described as a contagious condition, people who are infected with it can qualify as per the eligibility guidelines for blood donors as laid down by the American Red Cross. People are only discouraged from donating blood when they have a primary outbreak of herpes sores and they are usually asked to wait generally for a month. This is due to the herpes sores manifesting themselves in their strongest form in their first appearance and there is a slight possibility of the virus entering the bloodstream when the outbreak is fresh.

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